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Now make the most of your financial situation and you can always get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account. You now have it in your own hands and get the right credit quickly and easily. Just take the initiative now and make sure you can lend exactly the loan you need. Your financial situation does not necessarily play a role here, because you get exactly the right credit on the account that you need. For example, during your studies, a loan for students ends up in your bank account and you can get a self-employed loan during the start-up. So you can even quite relaxed with a loan for unemployed support your job search. Take advantage of these many great opportunities and make the most of your financial situation. You will be amazed how fast and relaxed you can get a 100 Euro short-term credit in just a few minutes!

The right loan is quickly found – for example, you can get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account

The right loan is quickly found - for example, you can get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account

Inquire today how to get the most out of the great credit options available on the internet. You will be amazed how quickly and relaxed you can control your finances and how easy it is to find the right loan. Just take the initiative and see for yourself the great opportunities offered by the online credit market. You have it in your own hands and can relax and get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes! A short-term loan is a very special loan, because it gives you the opportunity to get short term financial difficulties at any time under control. You have quickly applied for a short-term loan online and it lands as quickly on your account. Accordingly, you can react flexibly to any situation with such a short-term loan. However, as the name implies, you must pay back a short-term loan in a timely manner. In general, such a short-term loan has a term of one or two months at most, so you need to be sure that you can actually repay the loan at that time. Inquire now how you can quickly and easily get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account, if this fits your financial situation!

Make your credit flexible with, even if you do not necessarily want to get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account

Make your credit flexible with, even if you do not necessarily want to get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account

You have it on the Internet super fast handle and can always optimally respond to your financial situation. It does not matter whether you can always have your finances under control with a demand loan, whether you want to get fast money with an instant loan or if you want to raise large sums of money with a long-term loan. In any case, you get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account!

Use the speed online and you can always get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account

Use the speed online and you can always get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account

With the help of these loans you can handle your finances even more relaxed with an instant loan, short-term loan, flash credit or credit with immediate payment. Just as flexible with a mini loan is 50 Euro, 150 Euro or 300 Euro and can borrow a small loan of 600 Euro, 850 Euro, 900 Euro or 1000 Euro. Take the initiative and you will also get a 100 Euro short-term credit in a few minutes on the account!

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Consolidation Loans – What is Worth Knowing? http://www.fezuone.com/2019/04/02/consolidation-loans-what-is-worth-knowing/ http://www.fezuone.com/2019/04/02/consolidation-loans-what-is-worth-knowing/#respond Tue, 02 Apr 2019 11:48:10 +0000 http://www.fezuone.com/2019/04/02/consolidation-loans-what-is-worth-knowing/ Read more…]]>

Consolidation allows you to combine various loans and credits into one major commitment with one smaller usually monthly installment. The ranking of consolidation loans will show in which bank the credit liability can be drawn most preferably.

Consolidation, or merger, in the context of lending means the conversion of several other obligations into one larger one, with a prolonged period of lending. The consolidation loan enables the borrower’s financial situation to be sorted out and the monthly credit burden resulting from the need to repay principal and interest installments on specific dates. The ranking of consolidation loans will show what credit the customer can count on and whether it will be profitable for him to consolidate.

What is consolidation about?

What is consolidation about?

Consolidation loans can be found in the banks’ offers. They consist in the fact that the bank, after analyzing the creditworthiness of the client and his existing credit or loan agreements, can offer him an individual consolidation loan. He repays his previous obligations on behalf of his client and at the same time calculates the principal and interest installment which the borrower will pay to him according to the repayment schedule of the consolidation loan.

It happens that banks in which customers have loans or borrowings are charged certain fees or commissions for early repayment of liabilities. In such a situation, it becomes an additional cost of the consolidation loan. It is possible that it will be paid by the consolidating bank, but it can also be transferred directly to its client. This should be taken into account when calculating the costs of consolidation loans.

Two types of consolidation loans can usually be distinguished:

  • mortgage consolidation loan,
  • cash consolidation loan.

A characteristic feature of the mortgage consolidation loan is that it obliges the borrower to establish a mortgage security for the benefit of the bank with an entry in the mortgage. This solid security means that lending institutions are willing to include housing loans, even those in a high amount, into the consolidation, and at the same time offer the client very good conditions.

What obligations are subject to consolidation?

In offers for consolidation loans of individual banks that have such financial products in their assortment, we should find accurate information on which loans and borrowings can be included in consolidation. It can be for example:

  • a cash loan
  • installment loan;
  • a revolving loan in a personal account;
  • credit card;
  • car loan;
  • mortgage, renovation, for housing and similar purposes ;
  • cash loan, also non-bank loan.

The client may try to consolidate all loan and loan liabilities he has and the bank will respond to the loan application, whether he will be able to repay the existing loans and borrowings.

Is consolidation profitable?

Is consolidation profitable?

There is no single answer to this question, it all depends on the customer’s credit situation and what kind of consolidation loan offer the bank will present to him. In many cases, consolidation is a facilitation for customers, especially those who are starting to get lost in repaying capital and interest installments on a timely basis in various schedules.

It is also a solution for borrowers who know that in the near future they will have higher expenses or will reduce their incomes, which could threaten the failure to repay the required installments on time. If at the time of applying for a consolidation loan at the customer there is no overdue debt, i.e. he paid installments regularly, he has a chance to consolidate.

However, before this happens, you need to check whether the costs of consolidation will outweigh the benefits associated with taking out this loan. Most often these costs include:

  • commission for joining the commitment,
  • the valuation of the real estate constituting the repayment security,
  • costs of establishing a mortgage in the land and mortgage register,
  • preparation fee,
  • loan interest rate.

It is worth saying that extending the lending period, which we usually deal with in the case of consolidation and lowering the monthly installment, causes an increase in annual credit costs. So if we are able to pay a higher installment in a shorter period, we should decide to not incur too high fees associated with consolidation.

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Consolidated loan for self-employed – Apply for loans as self-employed http://www.fezuone.com/2019/02/27/consolidated-loan-for-self-employed-apply-for-loans-as-self-employed/ http://www.fezuone.com/2019/02/27/consolidated-loan-for-self-employed-apply-for-loans-as-self-employed/#respond Wed, 27 Feb 2019 12:14:06 +0000 http://www.fezuone.com/2019/02/27/consolidated-loan-for-self-employed-apply-for-loans-as-self-employed/ Read more…]]>


Would you like to borrow money as a self-employed person? There is a lot of difference about whether you do it in private or business context. In this article, the focus is on self-employed people who want to borrow money in private.

Here you have a starting point as many others, the only difference is that your job function is independent, rather than employees or functions. Look at the possibilities of applying for consolidated loans as independent here.

Your job must be stated during the application

Are you not quite sure how to apply for consolidated loans as a self-employed person, compared to normal Danish employees? There are very few differences and those that are, can be found under “Employment Conditions” in the consolidated loan application.

Here you just enter “Self-employed” as a job function and fill in your company under “Employer”. It is not harder and more difficult. You should expect that the lender will check up on your company to assess it. Partly how old it is and what it offers of services / products. It’s not safe, but we will assume. The bank will do the same.

In the picture you can see how “Employment conditions” usually look at the consolidated loan providers:

Quick consolidated loans for the unemployed

What is essential and crucial is what your annual income is. The more you earn, the more chance you have of being approved and offered a low interest rate.

There may be special conditions for traders, as you do not always choose to pay the entire income as a salary. One can eg. Choose to keep a large part of the money in the company. However, providers will have the opportunity to check your company’s earnings and profits so that they have an idea of ​​your economic starting point.

Consolidated loans as self-employed – for the company

If you are looking for consolidated loans as self-employed for the company, your focus should be on other options. Start by interrogating the bank or exploring the possibilities online.

You can of course always compare the interest rates from what you can achieve by searching the “normal” consolidated loan companies online. If there is a marked difference in interest rates, it can also be a solution to deposit the money privately.

There are many options, but the above two are good alternatives when it is initial capital or a business consolidated loan you are demanding.

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Online consolidated loan http://www.fezuone.com/2019/02/27/online-consolidated-loan/ http://www.fezuone.com/2019/02/27/online-consolidated-loan/#respond Wed, 27 Feb 2019 01:39:31 +0000 http://www.fezuone.com/2019/02/27/online-consolidated-loan/ Read more…]]>


Fast, convenient and easily accessible? Yes, this is an on-line consolidated loan. However, before submitting an application for it, it is worth remembering about a few key issues characterizing such offers.

Online consolidated loans are currently available in two variants – as payday consolidated loans that we enter per month, as well as installment consolidated loans, which we can pay off for a longer period, for example 2 years in monthly installments. The amount of consolidated loans of this type is usually from 100 zlotys to even over 10,000 zlotys.

Is online credit always available only on-line?

Today, we can get an on-line consolidated loan from both the bank and a non-bank consolidated loan company.

Bank consolidated loans are targeted at regular customers and new ones. It is worth noting that it will be easier for a regular customer to make money, because in the case of new clients, it is sometimes necessary to visit a branch. Therefore, the person requesting money must go to the bank anyway in person.

In the case of non-bank consolidated loans, everything depends on which company we use the offer. We will usually receive the moment-holders completely on-line. In the case of installment consolidated loans, it may be necessary to sign the documents yourself before transferring the consolidated loan.

This does not mean, however, that we must then go to the consolidated loan company branch. Many companies arrange formalities by courier companies – the courier delivers documents, the client signs them on the spot, and then they are given to the lender. After checking them, the money is transferred to the indicated account.

Another method used for on-line consolidated loans is the bank check. In this case, a special check is applied to be implemented at bank outlets. Then the customer receives money at the post office and at the same time undergoes identity verification.

On-line credit without complicated formalities, but not for everyone

The great advantage of on-line consolidated loans is their easy availability. They are advertised as money for everyone, but it is worth remembering that banks and consolidated loan companies carefully check their clients before lending them money.

To obtain an on-line consolidated loan, we will need Polish citizenship, a current ID card, a permanent address of residence in Poland, as well as adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Although we do not usually have to provide any documentary proof of work, we fill out a statement in which we enter our income and expenses and source of income.

When a bank or a consolidated loan company will not trust us completely, they can contact our employer. They can also ask for a certificate. In addition, online credit may be granted, but in a lower amount than the one we requested.

It is also worth pointing out that people who already have unpaid debts can not count on money online. Companies and banks obtain information on this subject from BIK – Credit Information Bureau and BIG databases, for example from the KRD – the National Debt Register. In the event of a negative credit history, we will not receive any money.

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